I would like more information; how do I contact you?

Contact Kevin directly on 0862659107 or through any of the following ways:

Email: info@pressireland.ie

Facebook: @pressireland

Instagram: @pressireland


Do you deliver nationwide

Yes, we deliver nationwide. To all 32 counties.


What days do you deliver?

We deliver 5 days per week: Monday through to Friday.


If I order today, when will I receive my juices?

Monday – Thursday: Order before 2pm to guarantee next day delivery.

Thursday – Sunday: Orders placed from Thursday 2pm – Sunday 5pm will be delivered on Monday.


What is the delivery charge?

Delivery is free with a spend of over €50, and €4.50 with a spend of less than €50.


Can the box sit in my office all day?

Yes, our ice packs and insulated packaging will keep things cool and fresh for longer than 24 hours. But it is best to place your items in the fridge when you get home.


How long does the produce last?

Usually your juices will arrive with a 7 shelf-life. We cold press our juices. We then put them through a HPP process. This process keeps our juices fresh and alive with nutrients for up to 25 days.

However, occasionally we run out of stock of some of our juices. If your order includes juices that are out of stock, we make the juice to order – meaning we cold press the juice in the morning and send it out for delivery on the same day. When this happens, we do not have time for our HPP process, so the juice will have a 4-day shelf-life.

We understand that our customers prefer juices that remain shelf stable for longer than 4 days and we are working towards offering our customers a minimum 7-day shelf-life guarantee on all juices.

Please note, all non HPP juices (a 4-day shelf-life juice) are suitable for freezing. Press will always let you know which juices with your order are not HPP’d.

Please note, our strawberry nut mylk does not go through a HPP process and will arrive with a 4 day shelf-life.


Can I have a “no contact” delivery?

    Yes, you can. When placing your order, please mention “no contact” and include a safe place to leave the box.


    What happens if I am not in to receive my box?

    Not a problem. We will leave the box in a safe place for you. Our packaging ensures your juice stays chilled for over 24 hours. However, please place your juices in the actual juice in the fridge when you get home.