Keeping the future in mind


We don’t just to take our juice seriously; we take our planet seriously too.


As Press grows and develops as a business, we will continually assess and improve our performance when it comes to sustainability. Eventually we are aiming for a fully carbon neutral supply chain. For now, here are some of the ways we are trying to be part of the solution.
The Box: To recycle, simply flatten and place into the recycle bin.
Ice Packs: Rinse out, pat dry with a towel and put in your recycling bin. They can of course be used for many other purposes where ice is required if you pop them in your freezer.
Silver Foil: Please return it to us. We will sanitise it and use a second time if it is kept in good condition
The bottle & caps: Our PET bottles are easily recycled! To recycle, simply empty the content of your bottle and replace the cap. Then place the bottle, cap & label into the recycling bin.
The future of Press will involve transitioning to fully recycled plastic (rPET).
Sourcing Locally
Most of our produce is sourced locally and some of our menu will change in line with what is seasonal. Sourcing locally allows us to use freshest ingredients possible and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.
Because we only use whole ingredients (we will never use any powders) and a wide variety of ingredients, some items are not available locally and need to be sourced overseas ‐ for example turmeric root and ginger.