About us

In an overly processed food system, let Press be your partner for health and wellness by providing real plant‐based nutrition.
Kevin set up Press in 2021. The mission: To make health and wellness accessible for everyone, and to empower consumers to seek unprocessed, nutrient-dense healing food. 
Today, Press delivers to all 32 counties 5 days per week: Monday through to Friday.
We only use whole fruits & vegetables.
All our products are free of anything artificial. That means no preservatives, no chemicals, and no anything else that is not natural. Only the highest quality, natural ingredients are used.
Our hydraulic press uses many thousands of pounds of pressure to extract vitamins, minerals, and enzymes with minimal oxidation and without any heat. It is truly the best juicing method that exists. The result are juices that are smoother & fresher and deliver significantly more nourishment and health benefits than traditional juicing methods.
By using (HPP) high pressure processing we ensure our products stay safe to consume and remain alive with enzymes and nutrients.
We never heat treat or pasteurise our juices!